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4 Surprising Items You Can Throw in Your Washing Machine

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Many individuals wrongly assume that the only thing they can put in their washing machine are clothes. They believe that if they put anything other than clothes in their washing machine, it will break down and they will need to call an appliance repair technician. Although you can't put everything you own in your washing machine, here are four items that you can:

Pet Leashes or Collars

If you own a pet, you can wash most of its leashes and collars in your washing machine. When you wash them, you may want to use a detergent that is specifically made for sensitive skin, as the perfumes in other detergents may irritate your pet's skin.

However, you should not try to wash any leashes or collars made out of leather in your washing machine; these types of items should be hand washed. You may also want to keep any leashes or collars that have a lot of jewels or studs on them out of your washing machine; the washing machine process could cause these decorative items to fall off.

Stuffed Animals

If your child has stuffed animals that they love to play with, lug around, and sleep with, they are going to get dirty. Stuffed animals are essentially made of the same material as clothing, blankets, and pillows, so they are safe to wash in the machine.

However, if your child's stuffed animals have parts on them that are not made out of cloth, you may want to wash them inside of a pillowcase to keep these parts safe, or use the gentle or hand wash cycle on your washing machine.


If your shoes are looking a little dirty, you can clean them in your washing machine. You may want to add a few towels to the load in order to keep your washing machine balanced and to cut down on the noise while your shoes are being washed.

Try to stick to washing shoes in your machine that are made of fabric or plastic. Do not put shoes made of leather into your washing machine; those types of shoes should be hand cleaned used the appropriate cleaning agents.

Rubber-Backed Rugs

If you have rugs in your bathroom, kitchen, or utility areas that have rubber backing to keep them from slipping (and also if they don't), you can wash them in your washing machine. In order to keep your rugs clean, you should wash them at least once a month. Washing them will not compromise the rubber on the back of them, and it will keep your house a little cleaner.

Your washing machine can do more than just keep your clothes clean; it can also help you keep multiple, everyday-use items in your house clean and free of germs. The next time you notice something in your house is in need of a cleaning, look online to see if you can safely wash it in your washing machine. If your previous experimentation has led to the need to repair your machine, contact a company like Prompt Appliance Services, Inc.