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3 Ways to Tell Your Washing Machine Has Failed and Needs Repair

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A working washing machine makes laundry day easy and convenient. On the other hand, when the machine has issues, it can be very frustrating to manage your laundry. Broken washing machines also culminate in complications such as destroyed garments and additional replacement costs when they finally break down.

Fortunately, you do not have to wait till the machine is completely damaged. You can troubleshoot and figure out minor signs that the machine will be completely ruined. Timely repairs will increase the useful life of your washing machine. Here are three ways in which you can tell that a washing machine has failed.

Does the Washer Compartment Make Excessive Noise?

One of the easy ways you can tell that your washing machine is not operating well is by the sound it makes. If you have had the machine since it was new, you know all the normal sounds it makes during operation. If your machine has been making other odd sounds, there could be broken components. 

Note that the noise could be because the clothes inside the machine are poorly arranged. If you rearrange the clothes and still experience the strange noises, try and put the machine on the floor. If it still makes the same noises, it is time to call a washer repair technician to help you fix the machine.

Does the Water Fill the Drum?

Normally, the water should fill the drum as soon as you turn on the taps and start the machine. If the drum does not fill up, it could be an indication of several problems. It could be because there is an issue with your hose, a delay in selecting the cycles, or shut-off water taps. If you fix these issues and the drum still doesn't fill up with water, consider asking a professional to help troubleshoot and fix the cause of the problem.

You may also notice that the drum is not turning, which is an indication that something is broken and needs repairs.

Does the Drum Drain Well?

Usually, when a wash cycle ends, you should have no water inside the washer drum. If you still have water inside the drum, clothes may have blocked the pump. If this is not the problem, call in a professional to troubleshoot and fix the issue.

These are easy ways that you can tell when your washing machine is not operating as it should. In this case, call in a repair company like D-3/A-OK Appliance Service Inc. to help manage the damage.